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Kara is available as your personal coach online or in person.

Kara Zornig is the founder of KZ Skin + Body and your personal coach. She specializes in Weight loss and Nutrition and believes that optimal health and beauty begins from within.

Kara has specific experience in Dermatology, Cosmetology, Integrative Medicine, Health/Wellness Coaching, Weight loss, Nutrition, and Herbalism.

Kara developed a Holistic approach to weight loss and optimal health with the KZ Cleanse Program. She also developed a Natural Product line, which includes Skincare and Supplements designed to help restore balance within the body.

Kara’s personal journey to Health and Wellness began in 2013. She was blessed with the opportunity to work with one of the most amazing biomedical doctors in the world. She learned so much and her life was truly changed. The most important lesson Kara learned, is that our bodies were made to be self-healing. With proper diet, vitamin enriched foods, herbs, and exercise, we have the ability to heal.

Kara began eating from the earth, eliminating all processed foods, gluten, and refined sugars. She also began training in CrossFit. Finally, her skin began to clear, depression lifted, and anxiety faded. She lost 45lbs and no longer wanted to hide from the world. It is now Kara’s passion to help others reach their goals in weight loss and optimal health.


“I work with each client to come up with a customized plan to reach individual goals in weight loss and optimal health. This is a journey and you will never feel alone. I will be here for support and you will also have the opportunity to be part of an amazing team. Together, we will succeed!”

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