KZ Cleanse Program

  • Do you want to feel better, move better, look better, and live better?

    Do you want to burn stored body fat?

    Do you want a lean body with glowing skin?

    Do you want more energy and relief from other ailments?

    Do you want to discover a program that finally lives up to all the hype?


    The KZ Cleanse Program is a 28 day journey that will teach you how to:

    * Support your body’s natural detoxification pathways to remove harmful toxins and impurities.

    * Burn fat for fuel and boost lean muscle growth with Adaptive Eating.

    * Allow the body to begin the process of deep healing.

    * Provide the body with the essential nutrients for optimum balance.

    * Lower stress levels, while boosting energy levels.

    * Jumpstart into a continuous lifestyle of health and wellness!

    How it works in 3 Steps:

    Step 1) Prepare and Practice: One-two weeks before the Cleanse, you will receive your customized Plan, herbal tea, herbal blend, and any other supplemental recommendations. You will study the plan and begin eliminating the foods that are slowing your body down and that may be contributing to inflammation, such as refined sugar, gluten, some dairy, processed carbs, and processed foods. You will be provided with alternatives to these foods and ways to start cutting them down. You will start making and trying some of the delicious recipes provided in your plan that you and your family will love! You will also start learning and incorporating some exercises into your daily routine. In the second week, you will start making your grocery list and planning your meals for the 28 days! You will also be added as a new member into the Private Facebook group for support, accountability, tips, and tricks!

    Step 2) After the one-two weeks of preparing and practicing, you should be ready to dive-in! For 28 days, you will follow your customized meal plan, adaptive eating protocol, and exercises. You will take notes of your journey and results!

    Step 3) You will be left with the knowledge and confidence to maintain health and wellness for life!



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