The Silver Biotics Solution is considered a Natural Antibiotic. Silver ions can attach to bacteria cell membranes directly and literally suffocate the enzyme that the bad bacteria or virus use to create oxygen. Colloidal Silver is a clear and tasteless fluid that can be used on everything from wound care/skin health, pink eye/ear infections, viral/bacterial infections, sinusitis, cold/flu, and seasonal allergy symptoms.

There are several ways to use this product:

Suggested Oral use: Adults- 2 tablespoons up to 3 times daily at the onset of symptoms. Children under 12- 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon once daily at the onset of symptoms.

There are several ways to use this product:

1) Hold under your tongue for 30 seconds and then swallow for overall immune support, sore throat, or cough.

2) Fill an empty nasal spray bottle and spray in the nose as needed for congestion, sinisitis, or sinus infections.

3) Use dropper to apply 1-2 drops in the eye for eye infection or stye.

4) Use dropper to apply 2-3 drops in the ear.

5) Apply to skin with a cotton ball or q-tip for skin care or wound care. 

6) Gargle with 1 tablespoon for 3 minutes, spit, and repeat gargling another tablespoon for 3 minutes. Do this up to 3x a day for any throat, mouth, tooth, or gum infections.




Silver Biotics 4 oz with Nasal Spray Bottle



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